Kelly Thiel


Marked by great beauty or splendor; magnificence.

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Be Glorious

Our Mission

Here at Be Glorious, we believe that every human is capable, in their own perfectly imperfect way, of accessing their own goodness. We are here to help others on their journey to reclaim their own magnificence and gloriousness.

My granny used the word glorious for as long as I can remember to describe the indescribable. She used it when no words could express the magical, the marvelous and the miraculous. When she used glorious, I would be transported for a moment into a place of hope, promise and goodness. That word had the ability to transform my reality. It still does.

We understand that electing to be your glorious self truly is a choice and we believe that when you do, it is possible to reclaim all that you were born to be. We have found that choosing to do the hard work has an amazing consequence: it is the joy, the magic and the miracles that come with experiencing the very best of our shared humanity. And that, as my granny would say, is glorious!

Kelly Thiel

Founder, Be Glorious

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